What do the Crystals and Stones actually say?

People often look at those of us who carry Crystals and Stones like we’ve got rocks in our heads.   Well, they may be right- to a degree!  Where do those voices come from when you hear “Ohhh, you shouldn’t have said that” or “Go check the iron, you left it on” or “This person is someone you will like and be friends with for a long time“.    Admit it, whether or not you use Crystals or Stones, you’ve heard the small voices giving you information.

You may be thinking “Yeah so…. I don’t use Crystals or Stones, and I still get the voices.  Well of course you do!  You’re wired in to universal energy whether or not you want to be. It’s part of who we are as Spirits, Souls, Beings…whatever you want to call “US”.  Our heads are filled and I mean FILLED with millions, trillions…. ok  gazillions of small electrical impulses firing every minute of every day.  When each of these neurons activate, the energy  creates a small vibration, that vibration is created from within us yet connect to the energy that surrounds us.

So now you’re saying “SOOOOOooooooo???”.

Well what if you could boost the connection to the energy around you?  Raise your inner vibrational levels to reach farther, receive energy from longer distances or simply raise your inner energy’s ability to TUNE IN to frequencies around you.  THAT, is the power of Crystals and Stones.  They help you tune in, just as the Crystals used in radios, televisions, cell phones, wireless microphones, etc. do.   Almost anything that receives a signal from another source uses some type of Crystal.

Ok. I hear you… “GET TO THE DAMN VOICES”!!!

By holding, wearing, or being near these tuning instruments which realign your receptive frequency or boost your transmission frequency, you are creating a clearer, stronger connection.  Your personal vibrations combined with the vibrational energies of Crystals and Stones work to “tune you in” to the signals and energy rays sent out from the Universe.  This combination helps you to receive more pure information and triggers your brain to translate the messages.  In our human form translation is often presented as language-at least in our early stages of energy listening- because that’s what we are wired to understand.

We’re getting close to answering your question!!

Your brain communicates with, understands, and translates the energy.  This should not be surprising as your two main receptive communication chakras are located close to it.  The Crown chakra sits, just above it and is your connection to the Universe, Spirit, God, -again, whatever you call the Being.  This sends the energetic information in for conversion to something you can understand….THOUGHTS. Your 3rd eye chakra right in front of it -visual information and imagery.  Again this information and imagery is translated into thoughts or translated into REPRESENTATIONS which you can understand through your language.    Have you ever really thought about what a thought is?   OK… I’ll give you some time……………..

Now I ask you this question…… while thinking about that first question, did you hear yourself thinking?  What did you say?  What information did you accept?  What did you disregard?   Were your thought’s translated into the same kind of “inner voice” that you had when you got that “I left the iron on” message?   You actually HEARD it didn’t you?

So, what do Crystals and stones actually say?  The answer is NOTHING!!  What they DO however, is connect you to higher levels of information thru purer connections and more direct frequencies.    The information is given by Spirit, God, Universe etc.  and is always yes ALWAYS what you need to know and for your HIGHEST GOOD.  Your brain translates this pure information into a language we understand and “hear” internally.

But a specific stone speaks to me….

Rephrase…. a specific Crystal or Stone RESSONATES with me.  It matches the frequencies you need to blend your energy and its energy in order to make a higher, stronger connection to universe.

Some of you may completely disagree with this post, however I have to say that when sitting down to write this, the words above were NOT the direction I was going with the post.  This is the information I received, it basically just flew out of my fingers and therefore is the information I shared.     I’m feeling (thinking/ hearing) that my next post should be about FEELING the energy of Crystals and Stones.

Let me know your opinions please.   I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Light and love and please LISTEN to your energy.










Listening to animals

Ok, another experience happened last week.  As I said in my earlier post, I “listen” to everything through my ears, thoughts, feeling and emotions.  Animals (2 dogs, 8 indoor cats)gravitate to me  and all showed up at either my home or work.  The following is one of my Animal listening encounters.

I arrived home on Wednesday night and heard a cat meowing next door. This is not unusual as we have many “strays” who are fed regularly by the neighborhood, warm hearted people.  It was DARK and cold. I meowed back and received a response.  This went on for a couple of minutes but I could never see the cat.  Something told me to put out food which I normally do not do because I don’t want stray cats venturing into my back yard and encountering my “not so understanding” dog.  Anyway… food on the front porch.  The next morning it was all gone and I assumed the kitty came over to eat it and was ok.   Arriving home on Thursday night, I was greeted with the same meow.  Again… conversation ensured, but I could not see the cat.  Once again.. food on the porch- which was gone Friday morning.  Saturday I spent all day in the front yard trimming bushes etc.  No sight nor sound of the cat.  I asked my neighbor if he had heard  or seen it and he had not.  Late that afternoon, something led me to look for the cat in my neighbor’s yard.  There she was, wearing a purple shiny collar…up a tree and when I meowed to her, she answered back. She looked content but something told me to keep an eye on her.  I put food out again but this time at the bottom of the tree.  That night while trying to sleep, I kept feeling like she was in trouble.  Sunday morning she was still in the tree but now splayed out in a Y between two branches not using her claws to balance. Clearly she was stuck (not in the Y, but in the tree) , afraid to come down, and had been there since at LEAST Wednesday night.  THAT’S 4  COLD RAINLESS DAYS!!!  No food, no water.

I got out my extension ladder, a heavy jacket, gloves and a blanket.  Up the ladder I went telling myself to stay calm and talking to her. I had to step off the ladder into the tree and after about 3 minutes talking to her I was able to pet her without her trying to get away.  I picked her up, held her close and petted her for a couple of minutes.  She was purring and happy.   Without much struggle at all, I was able to wrap her in the blanket (head out and under my chin), then head down the ladder to the ground. This could have gone SOOOO much worse resulting in either of us falling 20 feet to the ground.  She immediately ran about 10 feet then came back to me.  Gave her food and lots of love and received licks, purrs and even a “throw herself on her side” so I could scratch her belly.

Something on Saturday night just kept telling me she was NOT ok and needed help.   It actually kept me from sleeping and knowing that if she was up there  in the morning I must act!

I have not seen her since then, hopefully she made her way home to her family.  I sense that she is doing fine and KNOW that I’ll see her again someday soon.  I can’t wait!!!

Feb 11, 2016 UPDATE:  Christine (as I have since named her) disappeared for a year or so.  Over the past year, I saw her a couple of times so I knew she was okay.   The last 6 months she is a regular visitor to my front porch, greets me and lets me rub her all over.  She is now my outdoor kitty with a big heart!!



OK. so this is a bit “off the path” for some of you but it’s something that I’ve been asked to do/analyze by a couple of different people.  I used to look up meanings of things in dreams, but after having friends ask questions about their dreams and listening to the 100’s of thoughts that race through my head as they’re talking, it seems I decipher them more accurately when I feel like I’m just “making it up”.  My comments just flow out, sometimes in a logical sequence but more often than not in an illogical order- at least to me!  So far, whether logical or illogical to me, it appears to always make sense to the “dreamer”.   With that said, here is an example of a dream sent to me today and my reply in it’s entirety.  

“Dreamt last night that I was woken up by my windows being removed from the walls. When I looked there was caution tape across the open holes where the windows were. And broken plaster. And all I could think was, no one told me this was happening today! I saw bulldozers ripping the windows out, and it wasn’t just one window, it was all of them. Broken plaster, missing windows and caution tape. And I have been out of sorts today, all day. Very agitated, I feel huge gripping anxiety in my chest, and I just want to cry. I honestly don’t know where this came from, but something is not right. I have not been able to focus today. Very out of sorts and sort of panicky. Kids keep asking if I’m ok. Just stuffed my shorts pockets with black tourmaline, hoping it grounds me. Wtf do windows mean??”


Before I could reply, I received another email from the same person with the following:

“Regarding feeling out of sorts as I wrote earlier in my window dream.. Took a black lava powerful salt bath & did vacuuming & cord cutting meditation.. Felt a HUGE black something lift off my chest.. After bath, I feel
reborn. Seriously different. Whoa.”

My Reply:
“again.. off the top of my head…
Windows are a transition/passage place.  Removing them does two things… allows bad energy (air) out, and allows fresh/good to come in.  They place a barrier between you and the natural earth energy floating on the wind.  The caution tape could be a warning not of the air, but as a sign or note from the universe as to why the windows were removed.   i.e. cautioning you NOT to have barriers to the universal energy and connection with the outside energy so badly needed in your space/life/world.   Have you been spending more time indoors recently, out of the sun and less grounded when outside because of shoes, clothing cover etc???
I see the plaster as part of a wall that needs to crumble in order to prevent you from replacing the windows.  If the wall is cracked/crumbled,  you can’t put the windows back and therefore can not rebuild the barriers which are keeping you locked in.
The gripping anxiety is a result of  feeling trapped either spiritually or emotionally.  What have your thoughts been over the past few days that were not all about positive affirmations, positive outcomes, or possibilities?  You’ve had some sort of internal self doubt…..LET IT GO!!! 
Your bath was a start, follow up with a walk in the moonlight where you hold a clear quartz so that the moonlight hits and cleanses it WHILE it’s in your hand.  The crystal will magnify the power of the moon and transfer the energetic naturalist nature of the moonbeams into and thru your body.  Think of it was lunar plexus work instead of solar plexus work.  You’re moving into a softer phase where the sun’s energy may be too much for your system, however the moon rays should bring balance and comfort both day and night.
Let me know if this makes sense or if I’m smoking something that I shouldn’t!    Hope this helps..”
I have obtained permission to post this dream even before the dreamer read my reply.  This is the type of trust that I get that I mentioned in my very first post and what started this blog.  I could have replied that the dreamer was “bat shit crazy” and still have gotten permission to share it with all of you.  How many of you would’ve allowed someone to post your private dreams on a world wide accessible blog before reading my reply yourself?  I don’t know for sure WHY I was given the gift of trust and insight, but for me not to use it for good and share it with others would be plain selfish.   So for now, I listen physically and otherwise and do as I feel is right.  In this case, it’s to write this post. 
Take the time to slow down, listen, and act on what you’ve heard!  Someone or something is guiding you to your highest good.

My energy was not so kind today!

Have you ever said something jokingly only to have it come true moments later?  Well, I guess today my energy was tuned in- I just wish it had been kind enough to tell me to SHUT UP!


I was giving a training today.  While I hadn’t really studied the specific material I was supposed to present, I was confident that I could “wing it” based on the power point slides I was given and the little bit of text provided as “presenters notes”.  I knew this topic well and felt very energetic about the whole situation.  I was in no rush to arrive at the location (unusual for me) and 30 minutes prior to my expected arrival time I was sitting at my computer at home, enjoying coffee and still had not shaved- I live 20 minutes from the location.

I arrived exactly on time and upon entering the room, arms full of computer, door prizes, books, and of course my coffee, made my way to the back corner to deposit my “stuff”.   I FELT GREAT!!!!

Before I could deposit my belongings, I was nudged (ok almost pushed) aside as the one and only early arriving participant quickly made her way to the last chair in the back corner of the room.  At that time I said nothing yet glanced to my co-presenter to see if she had seen what just happened.  Thankfully, she WAS looking and her mouth was hanging open as if to say “Holy Hell, that was rude!”.

The “Lady” and I use that term lightly quickly left the room leaving her bag and bottle of water.   I engaged my co-presenter in a conversation of disbelief and we both agreed that this one (the pushy, sit-in-the-back, bring in a suitcase of a bag) lady was going to be a difficult participant.

In the midst of our conversation, another participant showed up.  A very nicely dressed woman with her hair pulled back into a doughnut on the back of her head who sort of “floated” across the floor,  She made her way to the seat next to where the bulldozer had dumped her load and she politely asked us if anyone was sitting there.

THIS WAS MY CHANCE TO SIMPLY SAY YES and that she could sit in any other seat.   BUT NOOOOO!  I had to say

“Well, there is someone sitting there, and from the way she pushed me out of the way, I’m not sure you’ll want to sit next to her” -or something similar.

Her pleasing face changed dramatically and she decided to move across the room.   —So far, I’ve made one mistake-

As I passed the well dressed lady on my way out the door for some water, my mouth opened again!  My energetic perception just couldn’t stop me as I jokingly said – (NO KIDDING HERE)….

“If she turns out to be a friend of yours, I did NOT say anything”.  Followed by “And you’re sworn to secrecy!”.

I returned to the room followed by the Tank Lady only to hear “Oh MYYYY God…. how ARREEEEEEE YOUUUUUU?????!!!!!!”

Yep- old friends!!!  No kidding.  Out of 45 random participants from a company with over 3000 employees, in a training that we divided into two groups at the last minute, I had to somehow sense that these two knew each other even though they were not in the same room at the time, make a snide remark, then a joke about them possibly being friends!!

Oh ENERGY why do you allow me to pick up on these things?  Why do you let me hear that somehow they’re old friends? and WHY….SERIOUSLY…WHY did you NOT tell me to KEEP MY DAMN MOUTH SHUT???  Maybe you did and maybe I stopped listening!

The training went extremely well!  I was able to “wing it” with the best of them!   I watched very closely for any sign that my “secret” had been divulged and am happy to say that I didn’t pick up on that!  I did, however receive a couple of sly smiles and one little giggle when making eye contact with the well dressed, doughnut-toting woman.  I think I’m safe!!!


Oh, and they did sit next to each other all day!



Why this blog?

Let’s just start with why I’m starting this blog.

My whole life I’ve been one of those people considered a “listener”.  You know the type- that person who you may or may not know very well, but  who you say things to and later on think “Now why did I tell him that?’  Usually followed by “Oh crap, I hope he doesn’t share that with anyone else”.    I’ll give more specific examples of this later on but seriously, it happens all the time and has from as far back as I can remember.   It’s taken me 44 years to realize that I have an “energy” about me which allows people to open up and discuss things they normally would not- at least not to someone who is not their best friend.   Or in some cases-  BECAUSE, I’m not their best friend or even a friend at all!   I promise not to go all “Booga Booga” on the energy thing but it will come up from time to time.   I guess where this is leading and what I’ve discovered about myself is that I listen (a lot) but not just with my ears.  I often see things differently- NO, not sparkles and rainbows…. I notice neuances in people, animals, sounds, objects, nature etc etc etc.  I guess you could say I’m observant  but unintentionally so.   The sucky part about it is that my memory of things I should be paying attention to,  is often shot-to-hell!  Names, dates, specific events, to do items …..can you just say “SQUIRREL!!!!!”  I’m convinced I have adult A.D.D., which leads me even more to believe that my observations, understanding of others, empathy, and insight are an energy form of which I currently have no conscious control- I’m working on it though. More on that in future posts.

So for now, I’ll say Welcome to my own “sharing center” where  I will attempt to listen to my own inner workings and share what I gleen through the process.

Best to all,